a person is running on a treadmill

Freedom Friday: How An Obsession With Exercising Can Become An Eating Disorder

Exercise and nutrition are foundational to good health, but extreme behaviors can be a red flag indicating unhealthy behaviors. Calories in, calories out — that’s what weight is, right? This is what the experts tell us over and over again. It’s no surprise, really, that many people are developing distorted relationships with exercise — why…
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What’s Wrong Wednesday: Snow Removal And The Fair Housing Act

[image description:  a pathway to the entrance to an apartment building has not been cleared of snow.  Footprints are in the snow showing that individuals have walked through the snow to get into the entrance of the apartment building.  On the lower part of the picture you can see that a snow plow cleared a…
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Christina Rice has long hair a black top and short jean shorts. She is very thin .

Freedom Friday: How An Obsession With Healthy Eating Can Become An Eating Disorder

People with an eating disorder typically become obsessed with food, body image, and weight. The disorders can become very serious, chronic, and sometimes even life-threatening if not recognized and treated appropriately. Eating disorders are complex medical and psychiatric illnesses.  Males and females may develop eating disorders as early as elementary school.  Although eating disorders are…
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an elderly male is sitting in a wheelchair is a nursing home community room. A nursing home staff member is standing at the elevator in the community room.

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Nursing Homes That Harm Seniors Face Fewer Fines Under Trump Administration

The Trump administration — reversing guidelines put in place under President Barack Obama — is scaling back the use of fines against nursing homes that harm residents or place them in grave risk of injury. Since 2013, nearly 6,500 nursing homes — 4 of every 10 — have been cited at least once for a serious…
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Front page of a book titled Victim of Thought Seeing Through the Illusion of Anxiety by Jill Whalen with a forward by Dr. Amy Johnson. The person in the picture is holding their head and appears of be distressed

Motivational Monday: Are You A “Victim” Of Your Thoughts?

“What if—regardless of the intensity of your anxiety (or depression, addiction, compulsions)—you are a healthy person simply experiencing anxious, depressed, and/or addictive thinking? What if anxiety doesn’t come from the world around you? What if it doesn’t come from school or work, a change in schedule or lifestyle, or the people around you who seem…
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