a yellow accessible taxi cab has the side door open and a ramp is extending to the sidewalk

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Uber, Lyft And Via Sue To Block Wheelchair-Accessibility

The city’s three biggest ride-hail companies in New Your City have banded together to undo the recently passed Taxi and Limousine Commission mandate requiring them to make wheelchair accessible service a growing part of their operations.  Eight operators and trade groups have sent the agency a letter outlining their “united opposition” to proposed requirements for…
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two chickens are facing each other, one chicken is saying, You’ve got a problem with avoiding personal accountability. The second chicken responds, ya, and whose fault is that?]

Motivational Monday: Where Are You On The Accountability Spectrum?

Webster’s Dictionary defines “accountability” as “the quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.” Notice the adjectives describing accountability in the dictionary: quality, obligation, willingness and responsibility. A critical component for individual growth is learning how to manage mistakes effectively, to your advantage and to the advantage…
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Freedom Friday: Willing And Able – Workers With Disabilities Prove To Be Assets To Labor Market

It’s a story we’re all too familiar with. Whether the experience is first-hand or it happened to a friend of a friend, the message is loud and clear: “People with disabilities can’t work.” Folks like Kaylee Merrick and Julie Propp are here to prove that myth wrong. Merrick, 24 has a history of PTSD and…
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The word disability with the beginning letters dis crossed out, leaving the word ability

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Disability Is Not An Inconvenience

No one chooses disability. The only choice in disability is to adapt—not in spite of it, but because we deserve to live as well as possible.  In a world where popular culture is at our fingertips, be it through the internet, social media, the big screen or tv – we are at information overload.  Unfortunately,…
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You only see the torso of a person and two hands. One hand is holding a bow and the other hand is holding an arrow and getting ready to pull the arrow back so the person can shoot the arrow

Motivational Monday: Working With Strong Emotions

 “If you have not set up the target it cannot be hit by an arrow.” This is to say that each time you retaliate with words and actions that hurt, you are strengthening the habit of anger. Then, without a doubt, plenty of arrows will always be coming your way.  The choice is yours.  The…
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