Five Wonderful Months

By Nate Aalgaard, Executive Director             He had the perfect name for someone in real estate – Sell. And sell he did, over a 35-year career as a successful real estate agent and owner in Moorhead. He was known as a hard worker, a loyal and dedicated family man, a fun guy to be with.   Freedoms…
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Thursday July, 24 4:00 to 7:00 pm Lindenwood Park Fargo, ND                             Commemorative Walk to Support the ADA FREE PICNIC Join our community at the Rotary Universal Playground at Lindenwood Park where people of all abilities will come together to celebrate the ADA For questions, call Freedom at 701-478-0459

Summer Recreational Opportunities

Wilderness Inquiry By Scott Burlingame, Assistant Program Director Are you glad winter is finally over? Are you looking to do something big this summer, something that will provide memories to keep you warm next winter?  Perhaps Wilderness Inquiry (WI) is an option for you. WI is a non-profit organization that helps people from all walks…
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ADA Amendments Act Of 2008 ( Formerly ADA Restoration Act) Passes The US House 402-17

The the United States House of Representatives voted by a wide bipartisan majority to restore the full protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act overturns several Supreme Court decisions interpreting the ADA in such a way that people with obvious disabilities from epilepsy to missing limbs have nonetheless been found…
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Welcome To Freedom’s New Blog

Freedom Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc. is a disability rights organization. Our Mission is to work toward equality and inclusion for people with disabilities through programs of empowerment, community education, and systems change.  At Freedom, we have a commitment to change, so as to create opportunities for people with disabilities of all ages to…
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