Welcome To Freedom’s New Blog

Freedom Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc. is a disability rights organization. Our Mission is to work toward equality and inclusion for people with disabilities through programs of empowerment, community education, and systems change.  At Freedom, we have a commitment to change, so as to create opportunities for people with disabilities of all ages to be as productive and independent as possible.

Core Services

Information & Referral

Information on any disability-related topic,

referrals to appropriate agencies and programs,

and assistance in applying for services.

Individual Advocacy

Empowering people to make choices and have

input in all aspects of their lives. Assistance and/

or representation in obtaining access to benefits,

services and programs.

Independent Living Skills Training

We offer a variety of training to increase

independence including budgeting, meal

planning, social skills training, organizational

skills, drivers test training and personal care.

Peer Mentoring

We recruit and train people with disabilities who

can foster independence in others by becoming

a peer mentor and match them with individuals

who may be experiencing similar situations.

Systems Advocacy

Efforts made to implement local, state and

federal policy changes to make facilities,

services and opportunities available and

accessible to individuals with disabilities.