Wheelchair soccer

Freedom Friday: Wheelchair Athlete Playing In A “regular” Soccer League

In a medical model program, if a wheelchair athlete were to fall out of their wheelchair while playing their sports someone would “run over, pick them up and put their back in the chair. In a sports model program, athletes who use wheelchairs are taught to get themselves back in their chairs. Today’s shout out…
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Inaccessible bathroom

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Inaccessible Sink And Mirror

An accessible sink must be usable by a person using a wheelchair. In this case the cabinet below the sink prohibits a wheelchair user from getting their legs below the sink. A less obvious problem is the height of the mirror. The bottom of a mirror should be no more than 40 inches above the…
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Motivational Monday: Suffering And The Human Condition

It takes courage to cut through our embarrassment and pride and admit to others that we suffer. When we do, we find that they have the same scars we do. It’s a tremendous relief to recognize that others have suffered just as we have, and that our problems are not just our problems, they are…
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Freedom Friday: Disability Is Natural Part Of Life

The concept of disability has changed significantly through history. At one point, disability was seen as the result of sin, either by the person with the disability or his or her parents. Disability was associated with guilt and shame, and people with disabilities were hidden away. Merriam-Webster’s definition of disability: limitation in the ability to…
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What's Wrong Wednesday bathroom stall

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Inaccessible Bathroom Stall

This ‘accessible’ stall is about 36 inches wide and about 50 inches deep. An accessible stall with a floor mount toilet needs to be 60 inches wide and 59 inches deep. Horizontal grab bars should be mounted alongside and behind the water closet between 33 inches and 36 inches high. Back to the question: “What…
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