a van with is parked in an accessible parking space with their ramp down is down reaching into the access aisle.  A red vehicle parked in the access aisle and the drivers side front wheel is actually on the the ramp

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Access Aisle Not Just A Clever Name

This picture was taken in Waco, TX.  The message from the person who took the picture (Leeann Woodall Fortenberry), “Not only did this lady park illegally in the white lines used for unloading from wheelchair accessible vehicle….she ALSO drove up ONTO my ramp.” It’s the responsibility of businesses or privately-owned facilities that provide goods or services…
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the words “give up being perfect for being authentic” by Hal Elrod

Motivational Monday: The Life We Create

Ten years ago… I turned my face for a moment and it became my life. We sabotage our creative possibilities because the world revealed that our imagination may not fit well with the life we have taken so much trouble to construct over the years.  Faced with the pain of that distance, the distance between…
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: the sky above snow cover mountain peaks are opening up to swirling cloudy colors surrounded by a dark sky. Just above the swirling colors of the sky are the words, Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. In the lower snow covered mountains are the words, Live the life you imagined. Henry David Thoreau

Freedom Friday: Living The Changes Of Life With Grace

It is not the things in life we have done that we regret on our deathbed, it is the things we did not do. (Randy Pausch. The Last Lecture) The wonder of life is often overlooked.  The preciousness of being alive, of appreciating ourselves, each other, and our world, is sometimes the last thing we…
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a yellow accessible taxi cab has the side door open and a ramp is extending to the sidewalk

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Uber, Lyft And Via Sue To Block Wheelchair-Accessibility

The city’s three biggest ride-hail companies in New Your City have banded together to undo the recently passed Taxi and Limousine Commission mandate requiring them to make wheelchair accessible service a growing part of their operations.  Eight operators and trade groups have sent the agency a letter outlining their “united opposition” to proposed requirements for…
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two chickens are facing each other, one chicken is saying, You’ve got a problem with avoiding personal accountability. The second chicken responds, ya, and whose fault is that?]

Motivational Monday: Where Are You On The Accountability Spectrum?

Webster’s Dictionary defines “accountability” as “the quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.” Notice the adjectives describing accountability in the dictionary: quality, obligation, willingness and responsibility. A critical component for individual growth is learning how to manage mistakes effectively, to your advantage and to the advantage…
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