David and Susan Grant

Freedom Friday:  Reclaiming Intimacy After A Brain Injury

Talking about love, sex, and intimacy can be like unraveling a tangled web, even to those without a brain injury. Add a brain injury to the mix and these difficult to discuss subjects can look insurmountable. Intimacy is most natural when two people love each other, body, mind, and soul.  But brain injury is an…
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two paper signs telling people to check with the front desk for information on accessible bathrooms

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Improper Bathroom Signs

There should be a sign that provide direction to or information about interior spaces and facilities that meets the ADA sign requirements (Toilet Rooms and Bathing Room Directional Signs. ADA Standards 216.8), which this does not.  There are also requirements regarding for the signs (ADA Standards 703.5) 216.8 Toilet Rooms and Bathing Rooms. Where existing…
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three rows of women on a roller coaster

Motivational Monday: You Can Choose To Live In The Front Row Or The Third Row

“You can choose to live in front row, or the third row…” (Unknown)               The ladies in the front row are having a great time, and neither one seems to be too worried that the wind has revealed their unmentionables.  The two in the middle row are smiling and…
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life is about discovering yourself embracing you purpose in live and doing your lifes work

Freedom Friday: Waking Up And Discovering What We Are Meant To Do With Our Life

Have you ever woke up and realized that you weren’t happy with the direction your life was taking you?  Jessica Runck, who writes a column (Homegrown Hollywood) for The Forum, woke up one day and made the decision to leave her acting career behind.  She had been thinking about this for a while, but one…
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gas station with accessible parking space in front of the business

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Accessible Parking Space Lacks Signs

Each accessible parking space is to be designated with a sign.   The bottom of the sign shall be at 60” minimum and 66” maximum above the surface. One van accessible parking space is required,  so this accessible parking space must be a van accessible space and requires a van accessible sign.  In Minnesota, and North Dakota, a…
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