Elementary aged student with disabilities in a classroom with a teacher who is showing them a picture as part of their lesson

Freedom Friday: Classroom Segregation And Students With Disabilities

On August 23, 2016, the United States filed a lawsuit against the State of Georgia in federal district court to remedy violations of the ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act, Title II) pertaining to the State’s failure to provide thousands of public school students with behavior-related disabilities with appropriate mental health and therapeutic educational services and…
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Vet denied service4_1467165790906_3538478_ver1.0

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Navy Vet With Service Dog Says She Was Told She ‘wasn’T Disabled’

Wanda Garneaux was supposed to meet a friend at a restaurant when she said she was stunned by the response when trying to enter the business. “I reached for the door and before I could even put my hand on the handle, the security guard stopped me and said, you’re not allowed in here with…
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A quote written in white that says Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose. In the backgroud is a road that is deserted and some left over snow from the winter season by the road

Motivational Monday: We All Have A Basic Personal Need For Freedom

Freedom is the need for independence, autonomy, to have choices and to be able to take control of the direction of one’s life. We fulfill the need for freedom by making choices in our lives. (William Glasser) Even though human needs are essentially the same for everyone, the behaviors through which individuals choose to satisfy…
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the quote "your path to self-empowerment starts from within." The background is a blue water and sand with footprints in the sand

Freedom Friday: Self-Empowerment Instead Of Disempowerment

Self-empowerment is something that you do to yourself. Others can facilitate self-empowerment in others, but eventually everyone can only empower oneself. It is like freeing a caged animal. You can open the door, but if the animal is too terrified to leave the only environment it knows, it will not take the freedom you allow it.…
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a male with a red top blue pants and tennis shoes is climbing a steep mountain and is hanging on to the edge of the cliff

Motivational Monday: Change And Mindsets

According to the Chicago Consortium on School Reform (along with many other educational experts), three concepts influence whether students will persist when things get rough at school: The belief that hard work can and will lead to improvement Confidence that you, and people like you, belong in school and that it is a place where…
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