Five people using wheelchairs are preparing to leave for a trip

Freedom Friday: Customers With Disabilities And Business

The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2002 Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) found that there are 51.2 million people with disabilities in the United States. More than one in six people in this country are potential customers for businesses that are accessible to people with disabilities.           Recently, videogames appear to…
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a wooden ramp with metal round railing

What’s Wrong Wednesday: An Example Of A Unsafe, Unusable Ramp

This ramp is an example of people that mean well, but don’t know what is required for a safe, usable ramp. The slope of this ramp is about 24%, the maximum slope for an ADA compliant ramp is 8.33%.  The handrail should extend past the end of the ramp. Edge protection is required along the…
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yellow arrow with feet taking steps in the direction the arrow is pointing

Motivational Monday: Moving Forward

Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes.  In order to be free, we must learn how to let go.  Release the hurt.  Release the fear.  Refuse to entertain your old pain.  The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you…
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Different sizes of paint brushes.

Freedom Friday: Unleashing Your Creativity

Whether you are trying to compose a symphony, write an essay, find a job, cook a meal, or express an opinion, you cannot achieve your goal if you are not creative. But the fruits of your efforts will depend, in good part, on how you define creativity.  True creativity has to do with more than…
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non-disabled actor Kevin McHale sitting in a wheelchair

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Hollywood’s Disability Drag

It’s no secret that television programming offers a skewed image of our diverse society—one that’s whiter, straighter and more male. For example, 43% of characters on the 2015-16 cable and broadcast TV season were women, while in real life women make up roughly half of the population. But the small screen is doing better than…
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