the words Let yourself heal on a piece of paper

Motivational Monday: Let Yourself Heal

The root word of education, educare, means to bring forth the innate wholeness of a person. So, on the deepest level, that which educates us may also heal us. In its essential nature life is both educational and healing. Often the innate wholeness underlying the personality of each of us is being evoked, clarified, and…
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Jonathan standing by his van. The back of the van is open with a ramp extending to ground level

Freedom Friday:  Uber Improving Access For Wheelchair Users

Uber’s peer-to-peer business model, which largely depends on drivers using their own vehicles to provide rides, means the vast majority of vehicles available through its service are not wheelchair accessible.   Uber is making adapted Caravans available to lease for drivers.  The leasing offer incentivizes drivers to get these Caravans on the road. “Initial phase, we…
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10 minute parking spaces are striped with blue paint

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Misuse Of Accessible Parking Blue Paint

This picture was taken in Fargo, ND.  Fargo’s accessible parking stipulates that all accessible parking spaces “must be marked by blue paint and other approved marking device upon the surface.”  The parking spaces shown in this picture are not accessible parking spaces but are 10 minute parking spaces in front of a speciality store on…
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Two fingers touching causing a ripple as the two fingers come in contact with each other

Motivational Monday: Finding The Still Point

Most of us spend our time preoccupied.  We are constantly carrying on an internal dialogue.  While we are involved in talking to ourselves, we miss the moment-to-moment awareness of our life.  We look, but we don’t see.  We listen, but we don’t hear.  We eat, but we don’t taste.  We love, but we don’t feel. …
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Picture of Gaten Matarazzo. He has brown bushy hair and has a deep tan complexion.

Freedom Friday: Dustin From ‘Stranger Things’ Speaks Out About His Disability

Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin on “Stranger Things,” has a disability ― and he’s not ashamed of it. Last week on the British talk show “The Jonathan Ross Show,” he opened up about his cleidocranial dysplasia, a condition he was born with that affects the development of bones and teeth.  Gaten does not have collarbones and still…
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